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Not only Uzbekistan’s but also the rest of the world’s adornment – Samarkand can be called a great and extraordinarily beautiful city. Built before our era it has survived until present times. Samarkand has always been a “tidbit” for conquerors, because its lands lied across Great Silk Road therefore carried out active trade between the East and the West (China and Europe).



Bukhara today is a major regional centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which attracts many tourists and pilgrims from all corners of the globe. The history of this ancient, mysterious, majestic city located near the river Zarafshan lasts for more than one millennium. It witnessed  destructive wars, the birth and death of ruling dynasties. It was destroyed many times, the city once again revived becoming even more beautiful. It had many names – Bihar, Bukhar, Pu Ho, Oh Mi. According to one source, the name may have derived from the word “Vihara”, which means “monastery” in Sanskrit.



The capital of Uzbekistan, one of the oldest cities in Central Asia – Tashkent is a nice example of an unusual combination of the Soviet past, traditional Oriental culture and modernity. This metropolis with a population of more than 2.3 million people is located in the northeast of the country, in the plain of Chirchik River. The capital concentrates active economic, cultural and scientific life. There are also main transport hubs in the country: three airports, two railway stations, an extensive network of city shuttle subway.

Climatic conditions of the city are transitional from moderate continental zone to the subtropical intercontinental. It is characterized by mild winter, hot prolonged summer, transient spring and autumn with little rains.

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